Call to Pray

Dear Friends of Eagles Wings,

As you have been faithful in supporting this ministry, we come to you asking for prayer. Even before our doors are open to women seeking recovery and freedom from addiction, lives have been touched and changed by God. The amazing things that God has been doing have not gone unnoticed by our [defeated] enemy. Your prayers are needed to rout this latest attack and to give God glory for the mighty things He has done.

You have followed Myrn McCord’s path as God has equipped her for service to Eagles Wings. As one of the co-founders of Eagles Wings, Myrn has worked long and diligently not only in preparing herself but also in the very formation of this “God-sized project.” Her training and licensing by the National Christian Counselors Association as a Clinical Christian Counselor and a Pastoral Counselor, has also opened the door to a counseling and delivery ministry through Naukati Church. Myrn is on the front lines, daily.

Now, on the very eve of Eagles Wings’ opening, doctors have diagnosed her with kidney cancer, stage 4. Surgery to remove the kidney with cancer is scheduled for July 12th.

We ask you to pray in faith; pray as the Spirit leads, that God will heal Myrn. We confidently praise our God who goes before her and is doing battle on her behalf.

We give Him all the glory. Thank you for your prayers.


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