Christmas, 2016

Yesterday was the first day of Christmas for me. Our 8 year old son bought a goat for a needy family in a far off land. He dumped the contents of his giant red crayon savings bank on the kitchen table. Dollar bills from birthdays, tooth fairy, kindergarten graduation, wadded and stuffed, were smoothed into piles, quarters were stacked and counted. The World Vision catalog was scrutinized, questions were asked and the choices were narrowed down. A goat, for milk and meat and droppings(! )to fertilize gardens. Yes, a goat. Make it 2 since we had promised to match his gift. His joy as he bounded down the stairs was uncontainable, bursting out in whoops and windmills before a noisy exit outside to the sledding hill. The joy of giving. Contagious Christmas joy. No wonder the angels sang—God’s joy overflowing at his miraculous and sacrificial gift given to redeem and restore broken people and a fallen creation. Jesus!

Tis the season of mailboxes overflowing with requests from charities and non-profits for year-end donations to keep various ministries and causes operating. Eagles Wings Ministries is no different. All donations and gifts go directly to the ministry of helping women experience freedom from addiction and new life in Christ. Eagles Wings Ministries is dedicated to providing quality recovery services that are accessible to everyone. No one will be turned away due to inability to pay. Which is why your support is vital.

Eagles Wings Ministries’ extended-stay residential program is designed to help women recover from drug and/or alcohol addiction. We provide a caring and grace-filled environment that prepares women to live healthy lives grounded on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We offer individualized recovery services to meet a woman’s unique needs regardless of her current life situation. A key feature of our services is that children are allowed to accompany their mothers so they, too, can benefit from the recovery process. We work with women to determine how our services – individual, family and group counseling, referrals for medical or psychiatric care; vocational and educational support, social skills and life-skills building, parenting classes, recreational and service activities – will best serve her particular needs. The cornerstone of Eagles Wings Ministries is Jesus Christ who offers true freedom from addiction. As such, recovery is a spiritual journey of discovery through personal and group Bible study, 1:1 mentoring, worship and experiencing the freedom of a grace-filled environment.

Eagles Wings would love to be on your Christmas gift list. Your prayers, especially that God will send laborers, are precious to us. Key laborers are a married couple who are committed to living alongside two women as mentors and recovery team members. We call these all-important missionaries “Barnabas Volunteers.” You can learn more about this opportunity to serve by contacting us. Basic household items are needed to equip the residence: dishes, cookware and linens. Or, consider a year-end gift of help to do the finishing work of the interior of the first residence (warm and dry work in these winter months). Come visit, help, and fellowship with us! Of course, regular financial support is also important. Please join us in this God-sized project as we anticipate the joy of transformed lives!

Merry Christmas!

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