Let It Rain

Its been exciting around here lately. We’re accustomed to rain, as you know. We’re a temperate rain forest and rain is not usually a problem. But there’s rain—and then there’s RAIN. Typically, the rain seeps through the shallow dirt, hits rock and follows gravity to the sea. But last Monday, over 3 inches of rain in 12 hours propelled layers of mud, trees, rocks and debris to slide down island hillsides. By report, seven slides blocked roads and stranded travelers, taking out power and phone services. Remarkably, services were restored and roads made passable by Monday night. Naukati was not seriously impacted—although students were released from school early due to no phone service. Funny, when Michael woke Monday morning and noticed the downpour, he asked if school would be cancelled. Rainforest dwellers that we are, we reassured him schools don’t close for rain, only snow. Early dismissal from school on account of rain was an exciting event for the kids.

I’m reminded of Ecclesiastes 11:3,4

“When clouds are heavy, the rains come down.
Whether a tree falls north or south, it stays where it falls.
Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant.
If they watch every cloud, they never harvest.”

2020 has been a rainy season in many ways, hasn’t it? Fires and destruction. Protests and violence. Covid threw an unforeseen hitch in every aspect of life—especially travel restrictions. We’re not used to our freedoms being curtailed. The world-wide climate of fear brought many activities to a halt. And truth is elusive. What a blessed people we are. What peace in the midst of chaos and corruption and loss.

But the fields are still white unto harvest. The work God has given us in Naukati, and at Eagles Wings Ministries goes on. We pray, not only for the women on our island struggling with addiction. We also pray that we would walk worthy of the calling he has called us to. Casting out fear; staying grounded in the word; reaching out to those in need. A group of women from our body are active in prayer, fund-raising and building up one another. Regardless of circumstances around us, kingdom work goes on. In many ways, its even more exciting because we see the signs that Jesus is coming soon. But our hearts yearn for the souls who are still lost and suffering.

Progress has been made in opening our doors. One positive outcome of this season is that online counseling has been made more available, very helpful for EWM to provide this necessary service—and keep our startup costs low. Our office is now work-ready thanks to the efforts of a gifted volunteer. The first residence is completed thanks to a couple who tackled unfinished details. The second home, Myrn’s House, is plumbed and wired, with lovely cedar siding, and a back deck built thanks to the three teams who came this summer. Much was accomplished though the number of work teams were greatly diminished. We pray that more teams will be ready for next season.

There have been some breakthroughs—and setbacks. A Barnabas Volunteer couple were on their way here when health problems rose. As their health improves, they may still be able to serve later. Please pray for them. Our life-skills coach also had her plans disrupted by current events. We pray God’s blessing on the ministries he opened up for her. No VBS in Naukati—or maybe on the island—last summer. We appreciate so much when teams include VBS in their ministry to our community.

In related projects: Eagles Nest (for children of mothers enrolled) is coming along. It looks so nice with the interior painted and nice wood trim. Please pray for a water pump and pressure tank so the water system can get up and running. Also, the Buz Rochester Memorial Park was dedicated at the Labor Day Singspiration. A lovely bronze plaque telling the story of Buz’s life and salvation marks the boardwalk trailhead. Building the boardwalk is part of the job training offered to women of Eagles Wings.

It sounds like a lot has been accomplished—and it has! But we watch and pray as several women in our community are so close to being swept away by addiction. We reach out, but we’re learning just how much close support and discipleship is needed to help break the chains and claim victory in Jesus. If we wait for perfect weather, we may lose the harvest. The work must go on.

Your prayers are needed. Financial support, of course. If you can, come help. This is a boots on the ground ministry. Bring your gifts and skills in construction, music, youth ministry. Bring VBS or an event for a women’s ministry. (By the way, the Annual Ladies Christmas Ornament Exchange theme is “birdhouses”.)

Eagles Wings Ministries is getting off the ground. We rise on wings of gratitude. We are grateful for your friendship and your contributions. We invite you to come and experience what God is doing here.

Because of Jesus,


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