Update October 21

Today, October winds rest quietly. The sun sparks through a remnant of yellow leaves, reluctant to let go now when they can boldly blaze instead of limply dripping. Another change of seasons.

The past spring was a season of hope for Eagles Wings Ministries.  A number of teams were eagerly anticipated to arrive and to complete Myrn’s house as well as a number of other tasks and projects. One team brought a VBS for local children. One team offered music lessons for the kids. The music teacher had collected and brought keyboard donations. Afterward, several students were blessed to receive them along with ongoing lessons. Music—a gift for every season.

Another team gave their mechanical talents to fix vehicles.  Its always expensive and inconvenient to get a broken vehicle 50 miles to the nearest mechanic, so this was quite a blessing. Other team members painted a plethora of boards and ministered to individuals in the community. This multi-talented family team raised their own funding by sacrificially saving as well as bringing gifts from another local church in Idaho. The team is committed to coming again next year and would welcome support for their effort. Donations to Eagles Wings marked “Freshman” will be put toward their travel expenses.

The construction season was on a roll—but then the virus hit the island. One of the last places, Naukati suddenly had a wave of virus cases which ended up with the community—by rough local estimation—with probable herd immunity. But not until all further teams had cancelled and work slowed to a crawl through the end of summer and prime construction season.

The Barnabas Volunteers have been steadily applying sheet rock in Myrn’s house. Electrical wiring has been completed and three power poles installed. Foundation and site work has been done for Pat’s house. Eagles Nest is close to completion. Rain stalled finishing the septic field, and there are still a few light fixtures remaining to install. But the Nest is very close to being lived in.

The BIGGEST hurdle to overcome is personnel. Barnabas Volunteers Brian and Patty Boggs are on site at the first residence for about 9 months.  Another Barnabas couple will be needed upon completion of Myrn’s House. Counseling and training is being provided online by Stacy Echeverria at stacy@trueyouministries.com. Stacy is steeped in Genesis Relapse Prevention, the core of Eagles Wings curriculum. In our quest for further expertise to offer our seekers training and support, we will be using online resources as well as local skilled volunteers, collaborating to make up the Life Skills Coach. Volunteers with Eagles Wings may be called upon to wear a “hat with many bills” due to the shallow labor pool (everywhere on the island!) But this is God’s “impossible project,” so we continue to trust him to provide.

We are currently recruiting for an Executive Director for Eagles Wings to begin January 1, 2022. A job description is available upon request when submitted with a letter of interest. This is EWs first paid employment opportunity. Which also means that our operating costs will increase. God has provided miraculously so far, and he will continue to do so with your contributions.

This is a season of uncertainty.  But we serve a sovereign God who knows our days and has a plan for them, who is steadfast and trustworthy.  It has been a rich and rewarding adventure serving God through the emergence of Eagles Wings Ministries.  We invite you to join our recovery community in whatever way God calls you.





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